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Secure Shore is the only data center in the Bahamas with 3 separated and independent internet service providers.


BGP Bonded IP address

The Only Bahamian Domiciled IP Address that ensures data remains in The Bahamas also when accessed from different carriers


All of the possible back-up solutions are in place for uninterrupted power supply. Sets of generators + multiple UPS units.

BLC Building 1 and 2 Generators - 2015.j

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The entire facility is built in reinforced solid 

concrete and is 

equipped with 

redundant power

infrastructure, robust configuration and different protection features.

BLC Building 2 - Gen. Citi prospect - 20

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Access Control

Trap doors, biometric  access scan system, physical security, multiple perimeter protection and video surveillances.


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Independent and dedicated utility meters, single and tri-phase with high amperage availability; multiple metal conduit separate paths.


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All of the 3 different ISPs deploy their service from direct fibers to and from the facility with any bandwidth and configuration (MPLS, DIA, metro-connect).


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Secure Shore serves investment banks, Trust, government agencies, gaming industry, tele-communication corp, trading and financial institutes as well as private clients.

doing business in the Bahamas business banking. trust, offshore investment

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In the exact barycenter of the Island of New Providence, away from populated areas, with no adjacent commercial buildings and direct access to main roads.

Map of New Providence - BLC.jpg

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